Next challenge for macro enthusiasts: bacterium?

Or why I’d love to have Thiomargarita magnifica on my list:

‘Big’ show-off


It might be challenging to image those bacterium with reflected light - it’s certainly beyond my current skill with focus stacking and 10x microscope objectives. There are some absolutely technically brilliant macro photographers over at - try posting about it over there - I suspect someone will have some ideas for imaging.


Thanks for the link to that site. I’ll check it out for sure.

I was just reading about these " The roughly 1 centimeter behemoth somehow attaches itself to sunken leaves in Caribbean mangrove swamps, according to a report in the journal Science."

I guess that’s the excuse I need to purchase a darkfield condenser for my stereo microscope, lol.

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Hah! But I was thinking more of an excuse to visit the Dominion Republic in January.

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Well, I’ll add that to the list as well :rofl:

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I’ll have to look for that next time I am in the Dominican Republic. I know a few mangrove swamps there.

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