No error message if sound file is over 20 mb

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.28.10 (563)

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Step 1: Observation is listed as not yet uploaded

Step 2: Hit ‘Upload’

Step 3: Upload runs, then reverts to Not Uploaded without any error message

This problem repeats. An audio only obs that refuses to successfully upload and has for weeks.

I take it you’ve tried, but if on app, have you closed out the app completely and retried? Or have you tried deleting the draft/unuploaded observation and restarting, if that’s an option?

I really hope it’s not widespread/it gets fixed quickly. I was just thinking about uploading all my audios, and I have quite a bit that’ve been stacking up for well over a year!

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Yes I’ve tried many times restarting the app as this is an old issue, and deleted/reuploaded once. It’s weird because another audio obs went through fine. Now I’m wondering if maybe I should add a pic of the general environment and see if it uploads successfully

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for someone to really troubleshoot this, you probably need to get a log file from the app and send that over to the iNat staff at see:


That would be grand if the log files stored for more than 5 days. Thanks for trying.

I added an image and the obs still won’t sync. It isn’t the audio file size - it’s smaller than others which uploaded no problem.

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why do you need the log file from more than 5 days ago? just try to upload, and when it fails, get today’s log file, and send it over to iNat staff. the point of the log file is to see which specific action in the upload process is failing and whether any messages are being logged in the background.


So if I try to sync a month-old upload and it fails the log file from today will show it?

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Unfortunately the point is moot as the log files are too big to attach to an email

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yes, the app should be trying to push the information from your phone to the servers. so the information that it’s trying to push and how it’s trying to push it should be captured.

there are a couple of options here. one is to attempt an upload/sync and capture the 1-day log file as the first thing you do on any particular day to get the smallest possible file. another is to save the file to a cloud storage location, and then share that with the staff. the staff may have other suggestions if you e-mail them at for advice.

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Thank you very much

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Someone at iNat very helpfully pointed out that the file limit is 20MB per file. I tried a smaller file and it uploaded.

I genuinely thought that I’d checked the size compared to another but apparently I was mistaken.

This is now resolved.

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As development for the native Android app is winding down, we may not add an error message for this, but I made an issue for it anyway:

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