No logfile after batch uploading checklist data, just error messages

This week I get everywhere whale pictures and see this text:

Citaat Updated by Site Admins on March 08, 2020 21:15

Any idea what happened?

And stuff changed, the result, /flow_tasks/, are not visible anymore:

Very very sad news…

Creating the next checklists:

Was this only in response to attempting to batch upload a list, or has it occurred in other contexts?

In the past you got a log file and can see if something went wrong. Today I do not get an logfile anymore only whale sharks and error messages but if you try often enough despite the error messages the file is processed, but I have no idea what the results are, e.g. if all species are processed.

@optilete Thank you. This sounds like a new and different bug, so I moved it to a separate bug report topic. Feel free to edit the title if I didn’t make it descriptive enough, and add any further information you discover about the problem.

@optilete can you please email us the document you were trying ot upload so we can take a look at it?

I have many versions from all different documents, so I do not know what configuration of the file exactly caused the error. I guess you are only interested if the file reproduce this issue.
Whale pictures and lists occur more often: