No notification when I'm tagged


I realized when someone tag me I dont get that notifications.

I was looking for a certain taxa, and saw an user tagged me on a record like 5 months ago, and I didn’t get that tag at that moment, or after. That person, correctly wrote my name after an @. This is not the first time I saw this, what’s could be happening?

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I’ve had that issue too, were you tagged in the description of the observation? I’ve found that description tags don’t often work, yet I tagged myself in a description and it worked…


When I’ve been tagged in comments of observations, for example, here I didn’t realized I was tagged, as no notification appeared. I’ve tagged myself in one of my observations, and again, no notification.


I would suggest checking your account settings.


Has this been happening for a long time or recently? Because notifications became very erratic during the upload period of the City Nature Challenge ,which might have caused you to miss notifications


Totally forgot that, probably is due CNC since it’s been happening not so long ago