No notifications for many observations

Two months ago I noticed that I did not get notifications for some of my observations. The problem got worse since, and now I don’t get notifications anymore for most of my recent observations (same with the website, the dashboard, and the app). What I have to do is to scroll down my list of observations and try to spot if something changed (but this makes it very hard to keep track of changes to the older observations). Does someone has similar problems?

Have you turned off (unchecked) notifications for agreeing IDs in your Account Settings?

If so, if someone agrees with your ID you won’t get a notification. For example, you would not be notified for the agreeing ID here:

Can you please share the URL of an observation you believe you should have been notified about but were not?

I indeed had that option turned off (probably I did this when I was trying to disable email notifications). So seemingly “it got worse” just meant I got better with IDing my stuff! Thanks, issue solved.