Notifications for Agreeing IDs

If I disable the “Confirming ID’s” notifications in my Account Settings, will I still get notifications if someone posts a confirming ID that also includes a comment, or will I only get notifications for comments that are posted separately from IDs?

I would like a bit less notification clutter, but I want notifications for all comments. Sometimes an agreeing comment can be important - it could be useful context from an expert identifier about what features in the photo help identify the species, or it could be a question about habitat on a genus-level agreement to help narrow down species, or something else. I’ve been too anxious about missing potentially interesting or important comments to test turning off the Confirming ID’s notifications.

There are a few threads about this on the forums, mostly from a few years ago; but people’s experiences seem mixed, there seems to have been a bug (not sure how frequent it was/is), and I don’t know if the design has changed since then.

Yes, I think you should still get notifications for a comment with Confirming IDs turned off.

I have confirming ID notifications turned off, so you can leave an agreeing ID with a comment on one of my observations as a test, and I can report back if it generated a notification:

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Done! Thanks for helping test it out.

Great, yes, it generated a notification for the ID, so seems to be working well.


Many of us just discovered this, to our annoyance, when comments were added to confirming IDs during the recently concluded Observation Accuracy Experiment v0.4. (And I have to confess to being one of those who added those comments, without realizing the effect they would have.)