No option to show GBIF locations in taxa maps

I’m using Chrome to work with the iNat

In the web interface, the map shown on each taxon page and within dialogs such as “Compare” and “Suggestions” has a button to choose the “Overlays”, and within that, there’s typically a checkbox to include pink squares to mark GBIF occurrences. Today, that went away. I assume this was disabled by a recent software change.

Before the change (with GBIF option)

After the change (without GBIF option)

Update: I am seeing the GBIF option on at least one newly opened taxon page. Maybe a caching issue?

Also occasionally have this issue. Some sp. never have the GBIF option

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Please share specific URLs if you see this happening.

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I’m seeing no GBIF Overlay option on this taxon:

Same behavior on this observation:

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Thanks, I’m sorry I didn’t see the scientific name in your screenshots! I’m told it happens when our taxonomy and GBIF’s taxonomy isn’t mapped correctly (“mapped” meaning that we know the relationship of the taxa between the two databases). We’re not sure why that’s happening in some cases, but this particular example has been fixed. If you find another example, please let me know so we can investigate more throroughly.

I noticed over the last few months some taxa pages don’t have the GBIF map filter and/or the GBIF link in the About section. A few others have noticed this too (we were finding it insect groups), and I think there’s another forum topic or two about this which someone made at that time. A similar problem is that some species pages only show GBIF data that’s actually for the entire genus the species is in. I’d estimate overall one of these issues affects 5% of all insect observations.

Thanks @tiwane. That explanation makes sense. BTW, I just came across another taxon without GBIF data:

Here’s the matching GBIF data:

Is there a way we as curators can fix these issues ourselves, e.g. through the links on the taxon page?

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Let me ask our devs to take a look at this one and see where the error is occuring.

(Also, I generally don’t mark something as Solved until its root cause has been fixed)

Hi again @tiwane. Here’s another taxon without GBIF mapping: . This should map to . I know I moved this taxon to a new genus about a year ago, so maybe that broke the GBIF link for this one?