No projects showing up as options when adding observations from the iOS app

Platform: iPhone 6s, iOS 13.4.1

App version number: App version 2.8.7

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: When I attempt to add an observation to a project from the iOS app, no projects show up as options. I’m a part of many projects, so this shouldn’t be happening.

I can’t duplicate it (also on ver 2.8.7).
Out of curiosity, if you go to projects via “More” on the bottom menu (instead of in an observation), is that also blank?

Nope. All three tabs (joined, featured, nearby) load just fine

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They load fine for me, but it takes maybe 15 seconds.

This fixed the problem. I think it wasn’t working before when I waited because my phone had nearly no storage space left. After clearing it out, waiting a few seconds was all it took.