Project not showing up as choice when entering observations

I have several projects to which I add observations. One of them is missing after not posting to it for several months. I can’t figure how to make it show up again as a choice when posting the observations. I am sill a member of the project. Thanks in advance for help.

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Can you give some more information to help others understand the situation? Where are you trying to add the observations to projects? On upload or afterwards? Are you using the website or an app? Which project are you trying to add the observations to? Can you post a link to an observation you are trying to add that doesn’t show the project?


It’s Wolf’s Hollow Project. I was trying to add the project on upload. I am on the website. When that didn’t work, I went to the project after I uploaded my content, about 4 hrs and 20 hrs later, and tried from the observation. To get the observation into the project, I have to manually edit each observation and move where it’s located. I did make sure that my original postings were within their map of boundaries for the park and they were all ok. . Hope that helps someone help me figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks

My guess is that the issue may stem from the rule of the project that observations are within the park. If you have an observation with an accuracy radius/circle that contains any area outside the park, it will not be able to be added to the project. The fact that you were able to add the observations after editing suggests this may be the case.

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If I used the GPS on my camera would that automatically put in the coordinates when I upload the images? Maybe that will help. I went back and manually changed each sighting.

I think that it will depend on the camera and how it is set up to record GPS, but yes, this is generally a good way to get coordinates in. Keep in mind that the camera GPS will generally record an accuracy/precision value, which, if it crosses the park boundary, can still prevent in from being in the relevant project. That isn’t to say that one should edit the location/accuracy just to get it in the project - the data should be accurate, and the precision/accuracy of the location shouldn’t be changed unless there’s evidence to do so.

All of my observations are with the park boundaries. I’m trying to find an easier way to get them documented since the project doesn’t show up correctly on upload, in my opinion. Or should I say that google uses the street address at the entrance which is far from where my observations are seen.

You will want to enter the correct location of your observations then, if they are not at the street address location. Using the location search via Google will get you in the general area of an observation, but for most observations, this is likely to not be very accurate. You can add a correct location by entering GPS coordinates on upload, placing a pin on the map, etc.

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iNat doesn’t have any control over where Google puts the pin for a given text-entered address. If you want to get a better location you have a few options:

  • use a GPS-enabled device to location-stamp the photos as you take them
  • use one of the methods suggested in the geotagging tutorial to apply coordinates after taking the photos
  • manually edit the locations in iNat, either one at a time or using Batch Edit
  • suggest an edit to the park in Google Maps to move their pin away from the entrance (but note that most people are probably using this pin for driving directions)

As cthawley said, also be mindful that the accuracy will affect the inclusion in the project – the accuracy circle must be completely contained within the bounding box of the project.

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