Non-Personalized Year in Review does not accurately show streaks

Platform: year in review page, any platform

Description: On my personal 2020 year in review, I have a 352 day observation streak, from 29/12/19 to 14/12/20 (the 15th of december is in backlog, I’ve got more coming). However, on the year in review, I have a 161 day streak, from 27/04/20 to 04/10/20. The tail end of this is correct: I hadn’t uploaded past october 4th when the stats were generated. However, I have two observations on april 26th 2020. Why were those ignored when generating the year in review streak? Here is one of the two obs from that date. It looks totally fine to me, and my personal year in review counts it for the streak, so I’m not sure why the .ca review doesn’t. Any clue as to what the problem is here?

Pictures of the streak bars:

Personal YiR, updated dec 25

.ca YiR, updated dec 22

I have a similar issue with the overall iNat year in review - my personal YiR shows that I have a streak of 377 days, and the shortest streak shown on the overall YiR is 355 days. That means my streak should be on there, but isn’t.


So this isn’t a .ca problem as the edited title says, but a problem in any regional form of YiR

(Feel free to revise given the updated information. Are you not able to?)

Haha whoops, I thought I couldn’t edit it after 24 hours for some reason

Site states will be regenerated again after the new year, I’ll let our devs know about this and take a look before the stats are regenerated next.

at first I thought the overall 2020 stats didn’t include my streak since it wasn’t up to date when the stats were generated, but the 2019 stats show streaks that aren’t current so I don’t think that’s the problem.

what do you mean by “that aren’t current”?

streaks that weren’t up to date when the stats were last updated. My streak only went until December 3d, but it was still included in the stats that were generated December 31st

Looks like it wasn’t fixed, the .ca and .org YiRs are still acting like I haven’t observed anything on April 26th.

It’s a holiday in the US, so probably not a lot of development activity/bug fixes happening again til next week. You can see the dates each YIR was last updated at the bottom of the page (for iNatCA, Dec 29th).


Oh, whoops, I totally forgot to check the last refreshed date. Thanks for reminding me that that exists

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I’ve noticed that inaccurate years in review still seem to be an issue this year. The global one seems to be missing some people and the .ca one considers streaks that started before 2021 to have started on january 1st, 2021.