Year in review shows broken streaks when the streak was never broken

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My Year in Review
Observation from May 25th
Observations on June 15th
Third-party tool that considers march-september a 199-day streak

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Description of problem: I just noticed today that my year in review seems to imply that I missed a couple of days of posting despite the fact that that was not the case. The streaks it showing are March 13th-24th, March 26th-June 14th, then June 16th-September 27th.This makes it seem like I didn’t post on March 25th or June 15th but I made 1 and 4 observations on those days respectively. Should this not display as one long streak instead of multiple short ones?

I had a question about this in the past and was reminded that streaks only count “verifiable” observations. If you want to confirm your consecutive observation days including non-verifiable observations, you can use a third party tool like this one:

Hope that helps!


edit - I just saw that you already have a link to the tool in your post. Sorry! Anyhoo, the iNat streak is probably working as intended.

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Are the observations I posted not considered verifiable?

this seems to be correct, although the streak ranges noted in the YIR page seem to be off by a day. (see .)

these are the relevant observations from days with only non-verifiable observations:

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Ohhh I missed those, I guess I was looking at the wrong days. Thank you for clarifying! :)

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