Not all establishment means transferred after taxon swap committed

A 1:1 taxon change (swap) of Arcola malloi into Macrorrhina endonephele:

Before the swap, Macrorrhinia endonephele didn’t have any establishment means listed on its taxon page. All of these establishment means from Arcola malloi should have transferred to Macrorrhinia endonephele when the taxon change was committed.

These 6 then appeared immediately, but a day later, the ones from A. malloi are still missing.

Listed as unknown, but should be listed as introduced:


I don’t know if this is the first time in a swap that both were valid taxa, both had obs, but one was Introduced and the other presumed Native.

In this case, A malloi was always Introduced, and M. endonephele was always thought to be Native. Is it expected when two taxa merge that the “receiving” taxon takes on the establishment means of the “donor” taxa for the entire taxon?

If you use my obs as an example, it’s changed since last night: I had obs for both taxa. Right after the swap the A. malloi that had switched to M. endonephele were showing as Introduced. Now, nothing is Introduced; neither the previous A. malloi nor the M. endonephele.

One example of my A. malloi swapped, not showing Introduced :

Yet 8 obs, also SE Texas, are showing Introduced:

But wait, there’s more!
In Explore 41 obs from TX:

In Identify, filter for TX, Needs ID AND Research, 0 obs:

I am totally confused!

Monica the Perplexed…


M. endonephele didn’t have any establishment means associated with it before the taxon change, native or introduced.

I see 41 obs at the Explore link and 88 at your Identify link (the latter of which isn’t filtered for Texas).

I believe from a programming perspective Unknown is an establishment means. There are no blanks in that field; each has one of 4 establishment means. So I don’t think it matters whether the receiving taxon is presumed or specifically listed to be native. The fact is simply that one was Introduced and the other was Unknown.

The two questions are:

  1. Specific: Why did some, but not all, of the Arcola malloi obs keep Introduced status when swapped into Macrorrhinia endonephele?

  2. General: Is it expected, or should it be expected, that when two taxa merge, each with different establishment means (and I include Unknown as an establishment means with Introduced, Native, Endemic) for the entire country, that the “receiving” taxon takes on the establishment means of the “donor” taxon for the entire taxon, in all places, and including already existing obs?

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SMH! I learned something I should have already known. Never noticed the filter in Identify for Reviewed (any, yes, no) where the default is No. Since I’d reviewed all of them, naturally my result was 0. That also explains why I’ve sometimes missed obs when updating manually; I hadn’t changed the filter to “any”.


Lol. Glad you figured it out!

Put this in my weekly bug report.