Not all observations uploading

When I upload a bunch of obs (I usually do about 8 obs at a time with around 18 pics), often one of them doesn’t upload. A random one in the middle of the bunch. This doesn’t happen on all uploads.

I have waited in case something needs time to refresh, but the missing ob never reappears, and I have to re-upload it.

This has been happening for 2 days now.

Brave on Ubuntu Studio 18.10

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Is it possible that you press Esc when some observations are being uploaded?
I used to had similar problem when, as example, tried to close lightbox when other images in queue were uploaded (and shown “Metadata upload” label).

No, I don’t press Esc.

Thanks for suggestion, though :-)

It just happened again :-( Uploaded 14 obs, only 13 recorded.

And again. Only 8 of 9 obs uploaded. I can find no reason for a particular ob/image not uploading.

I thought as long as I loaded no more than 8 obs at a time, that I wouldn’t lose any. But I’ve just uploaded 7 and only 6 recorded :-(


for anyone who’s in the position to actually troubleshoot this properly, i think this the photo for the missing observation karoopixie noted just above: this photo references an observation which does not seem to exist (or is broken somehow):

the replacement photo and observation appear to be
and, respectively.


Pisum, you a Wonder! How did you do that?? Yes, you have found the correct photo, and when I open the ob, all I get is the spinning wheel.

I am gobsmacked! What you have discovered will indeed help the devs find the problem I’m sure! I could find no rhyme or reason for an ob not uploading. Though it is never (so far) the first or last in a batch.

This has been stressing me out terribly because I don’t know how long it’s been going on or how many obs I’ve lost. I only noticed the problem 9 days ago [timestamp], but it could have been happening for weeks!

@tiwane @kueda can you help, please?

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Also interesting: you can see how many times a link has been clicked, but you will see that the broken ob link in your comment doesn’t have a number even though I did click it!

just found 6 observations + 1 laggard, looked at the 6 observations’ photo sequence range, and then used brute force to find a photo in that range that matched the laggard.

yes, especially with your multiple reports, it seemed like an important enough issue for someone to at least have verified it. since it didn’t look like anyone had, i figured i’d volunteer some troubleshooting power in this case, and hopefully that accelerates the proper troubleshooting in this case. now i need to go check to see if i’m missing any observations. i’m impressed that you were observant enough to notice missing observations. i would not have noticed.


Thank you so much! :hugs: Your Super Sleuth powers will definitely give the techs somewhere to start, because the problem was so amorphous til now.

I discovered it because I wanted to do an interaction, so I looked for the ob to get its URL and couldn’t find it. I was flummoxed. Anyway, so I loaded it again, but kept checking after that, and that’s when I discovered it was happening often and I have no idea how many have missed the boat :-(

I am really hoping that the techs can find all the orphaned photos and repair the missing obs {hope hope}.

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Thanks @pisum. @karoopixie I’ll put this in my weekly report. Can you please email this photo ( to just so we can take a look at it? Probably won’t make a difference but would be good to have around.

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Thank you, Tony! Just to be clear: do you want me to email you my original of the photo, or the photo that is on the link?

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The original photo from your computer.

Just happened again. Only 8 of 9 uploaded. The missing one I uploaded again -

And again. Only 7 of 8 uploaded.

And again. 4 of 5!!!

as consistently as you encounter the problem, and as quiet as others are regarding this issue, i wonder if Brave is related to the issue somehow? i get the sense that that browser tries to do some things in the background on top of its Chromium bones to enhance security and privacy. so maybe that causes some unexpected behavior in some cases? maybe try loading your next few sets of observations using a different browser, and see if you notice things still getting dropped?

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I uploaded about 20+ observations via Brave last night without any issues, but I have a speedy connection. If I’m not mistaken @karoopixie, you have pretty slow internet connection, correct?

Thanks, pisum & tiwane. Yes, I have a slow connection, but the PICS are uploading and are sitting in iNat’s database somewhere, but I don’t understand why the OBSERVATION doesn’t record.

I have noticed that it is (so far) always an ob with only one pic. Don’t know if that’s relevant or helpful?

I always wait for all the pics to have finished loading before hitting Submit.

I will try a different browser and see if the problem persists.