Notifications only for disagreeing ID's

Is there a way to receive notifications on the web ONLY when new ID’s are in disagreement?

I find it more helpful to be notified for 1 disagreement rather than 30 separate agreements.

As a request, I think the drop down list of notifications would be more helpful if it read something along the lines of… “iNatUser1 disagrees on an observation by iNatUser2” instead of what it currently displays which is, “iNatUser1 added an identification to an observation by iNatUser2”. The latter doesn’t convey any useful information and requires users to view the observation page which can be tedious if you’re like me and have dozens of added ID’s to review – in my case, this requires opening new tabs, scrolling down, and checking cumulative ID’s.

In a similar vein, is there a way to only be notified when ranked a Maverick? Or how about only when my ID is improved upon (eg. from genus to species)?

These features would certainly make my experience on iNat much more streamlined since I am scrupulous about notifications and want be thorough for each one to make sure I haven’t misidentified.

There’s this in your account settings on the website


Also, you may want to check out this topic:


There is supposedly a notifications update in the works but I haven’t heard much about that rexently.


Tiptoeing closer …

Similar ish vein; but I turned off the “confirming ID” notification; but now I’m not getting notices when someone disagrees, or if someone furthers an ID (ex I have it in family, and someone moves it to genus or species!). This makes it hard to find actually relevant ID’s to me; but if I turn back on confirming, I get far too many notices every day since I’m working through the un-ID’d backlog in my state.

I’d love to have a way to see:

  1. Disagreeing ID’s
  2. Furthering an ID to more specific taxon

(the linked thread is locked so I cant ask there)

Huh. That’s exactly the two kinds of notices I still see, having “confirming ID” turned off :/ So it’s already supposed to do that, maybe there’s a bug somewhere?

You can Unfollow each one as you go, where you don’t want notifications, leaving the interesting ones to keep feeding thru notifications until you unfollow those in turn. I want to see how the ID progresses until they lose my interest. It’s a workaround until we get better management tools.

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i’ll look for the directions on how to do that, thanks

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hmm. well maybe a mod will poke in and let me know if i need to submit a bug report

I assumed it would work how it works for you; that was my hope when I toggled it off!

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