Notifications not showing up on iOS app/website

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iOS & website

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3.2.13, build 701, iOS 16.6

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I received a disagreeing ID (thanks!) and I should get notifications for those. But this time I didn’t. There was a few others, all from within the last 4 hours, that I didn’t get notified about either. I noticed the issue on the app but I don’t have the notifications on the website version either.

The first picture is the disagreeing ID and then the second is what my notifications look like, noteworthily missing the disagreeing ID.

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Maybe notifications were temporarily down or something. I’ve since received some notifications but I fear a fair amount of them are lost because I was never properly notified. I think this happened before, to a bunch of people, so maybe it’s just something like that again. Oh well.

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over the course of the day today, I saw some notifications appear on the website that haven’t filtered into the iOS app even by now. I’m not sure if that’s the same thing but seems to be in the same timeframe.