Notifications not showing

Platform: Website

Browser : Microsoft Edge

Description of problem: Hard to show through screenshots but I’m not receiving notifications. I was uploading a decently large batch of photos and I’m seeing on my “Edit Observations” page that my sightings are being identified and becoming RG, but I’m not receiving a notification. As in the photo below, note how my Red-tailed Hawk sighting was submitted 3:28, almost 3 hours after my last notification, but it’s now RG. I have done nothing to my account that should change how this process goes.


It’s happening the same to me

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Same here. Changes since 1:48 P.M. EST not showing up in notifications or on dashboard

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Notifications get processed in a queue of delayed jobs. As can happen from time to time, this afternoon that queue backed up so some of these delayed jobs are taking longer than normal. The backup seems to have been worked through and I’d expect the backlog of jobs to be processed within the next hour or so


I am experiencing the same thing.

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This happens often during CNC or large bioblitzes. Weekends can trigger it too… I guess lockdowns create lots of opportunities for mass observation uploading, or perhaps mass identification sessions… silver linings :)


my notifications appear to have caught up.