Missing notifications this week

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

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In the second link, I had a notification for the initial tag, which later disappeared. Now, a new ID was added and there’s nothing in my dashboard. First link, no notification was generated from the ID either (on the app or web, I believe).


Missing notification came in for the scale observation (roughly an hour later).

Here’s what I don’t see on my app for the velvet ant:

There’s a notification for Kevin’s comment, but not his initial disagreement.

I’m having similar issues, also on Chrome. Notifications are coming in with a delay of minutes to hours. Not sure if it’s related to the slow responsiveness in the identify portal, but that’s also happening right now.


These are push notifications? Because I have email notifications and I’m used to getting them once a day as a digest.

A couple days ago, @the_knower and I have been noticing similar problems, with me at least 2 hours to receive the notification. Seems to be working for me now, although occasionally I am getting duplicate notifications, i.e., I receive a notification one minute and then I receive the same notification around an hour or so later (and they both appear on the list of the last 10 notifications list).

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Push notifications. My email notifications were coming in late as well (into the afternoon and evening for a few days), but are all timestamped for ~6 am, so that may be a Google issue and not an iNaturalist issue.

I don´t receive any notifications of identifications that people are making for the last 4 hours.

Now getting notifications with a 6hr delay. :man_shrugging:

Also getting delayed notifs by 6 hours, started happening a couple few hours ago.

No notifications on confirmations from 5+hours ago. Don’t show up in my “Your content” either.

Just showed up after about 6-7 hours.

I’ve been getting 5-6 hour delays on both mobile and chrome for the past few days too

Everything seems back to normal on my end