Notifications not showing in Dashboard

Platform : Website

Browser : Firefox and Chrome

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Step 1: Go to Home

Step 2: click Following

Step 3: or All Updates

Hello :)
Notifications of my observations or the ones I follow do not show in home/dashboard, only the area notifications show. This bug has always been here as far as I remember and have been relying so far on the drop-down top right notification icon. But it’s flushed every time and I have no way to go back to them.

I just unsubscribed from the few places I was following and then surprisingly notifications of my observations appeared for the first time ! I still do not have notifications of the observations I follow.

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Hi, welcome to the forum! Notifications of your observations should also show under My Content, but should also show under all content. Following gives me all the observations of people and places I follow. Sorry you are having issues, hope it gets resolved soon.

At the top, try clicking on the “All Updates” tab and see what populates then.

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I am getting the exact same problem. Started after I added a couple of new subscriptions.

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Welcome to the forum!

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How big are these subscriptions? Subscriptions that contain enormous amounts of observations, such as all observations in a country or a large taxonomic group, are incredibly taxing on our infrastructure. I think during City Nature Challenge these were delayed so you might have gotten a flood of these large subscription updates after CNC started winding down.

Is this still happening?

Thank you for the suggestion. I indeed have the notifications of the observations I am following. I wish there were a dedicated tab for those though. Do you know if there is an url for this ?

The bug resolve itself when I unsubscribed from the places, in “Your content” I can now see notifications of my observations.
@allycouch I thought I would see notifications of the observations I follow in “Following” but understand that it is meant for people and places i follow. So now i guess what I want now is a new feature.
Thanks for your help all.