Num_identification_agreements field


My first bug report! We use the API at the ALA so I’m looking at the JSON record.

We like to try and give users some indication of the identification status when a record is in “Needs ID”.

For this record:

There are 3 identifications. 1 of them disagrees. Therefore I would think that these fields in the JSON (see would be:

num_identification_agreements: 2
num_identification_disagreements: 1

… so, 2 of them agree with each other, and 1 of them does not. Or vice versa maybe, where the original ID agrees with itself (so 1 agree), and there are 2 that disagree.

but they are :
“num_identification_agreements”: 3,
“num_identification_disagreements”: 0

Is it a bug or a feature?


The num_identification_agreements and num_identification_disagreements are relative to the Community Taxon. Right now the identifications are

  1. Spodoptera frugiperda
  2. Aenetus dulcis
  3. Aenetus dulcis

and the Community Taxon is Lepidoptera. num_identification_agreements means “number of identifications of taxa that are or are contained by the Community Taxon,” which is all of them, so that’s why it’s 3.


Cool, thank you, that makes sense.

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