Number observed in a personal list

What does “5 of 80 observed” in a personal list mean? I can’t seem to find the answer in frequently asked questions or in this forum. If this has been answered somewhere else, please just provide a link to the page that discusses it. Thank you.

Well, it means exactly how it reads: how many species from the list were seen by the list author.

It may be that it’s supposed to mean that – I just checked my Orchid list, (19 of 23), and there are 4 species for which the list doesn’t show a last observed date. But… I know that I have observations for all 23 species on this list. (All 23 show up on the Observation search page.) So, if that’s what it supposed to mean, then it’s clear that this is another feature of lists that is still buggy.


Yes, as lists don’t upload well it happens, but checking the species and “reloading” observations there helps.


Thanks for your replies. That’s what I assumed it meant, but since it’s a personal list generated only by my observations, it should read 80 of 80 observed, and I don’t understand why it doesn’t. I’ve tried re-loading the list from observations but that doesn’t seem to help. I guess I’ll just go with the “buggy” explanation and not worry about it.

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