Observation compare always shows first species compared

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox 124.0.1 Linux Mint mint-001 - 1.0

URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/219954728#activity_identification_9b243ddf-6a4d-402f-9462-7d282dbe09c3

Description of problem (summary):
On this Observation page there are multiple suggested species. Click on any “Compare” button to show the appropriate species comparison. Now if you click on any other “Compare” button you are shown the same species comparison, not the one just chosen. You are always shown the first one compared.

Detailed (using the URL above):

Step 1: Click “Compare” for Strawberry Seed Beetle, and see a species comparison.

Step 2: Dismiss the species comparison.

Step 3: Click “Compare” for Subgenus Nebria. The species comparison for Strawberry Seed Beetle is shown, not for Subgenus Nebria.

Step 4: Dismiss the species comparison.

Step 5: Reload the page to reset.

Step 6: Click “Compare” for Subgenus Nebria. The correct species comparison is now shown.

That is a cache issue.
Either refresh as you did in 5.
Or you can overwrite the previous choice with Nebria, or whatever (at Filtered by Taxon).

Is this a cache issue because the compare window is not being destroyed when closed? If so wouldn’t that class as a bug?

I imagine that iNat caches info for ? a few minutes, before it updates.
If we want a quicker response, we have to find a workaround to force it.
That is my experience on iNat.

The community taxon is Carabidae, and that’s what I see every time I open Compare. I haven’t tested, but I think this is expected.


I think they’re talking about something different. On the observation webpage, each ID has a “compare” button, even when they disagree (ex. One person says zebra and the other elephant). If you click “compare” by zebra, you’ll get the local zebra species. Now click “compare” by elephant, and you still get the local zebra species. If you want to see the local elephant species, you have to close the page, reload, and then click “compare” by the elephant ID.

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I was referring to these, which I think is what you’re referring to:

Can you please share an example obsercation where this happens? Specific examples are really really helpful when investigating possible bugs.

In your example, if you load the page and choose the first Compare next to Carabidae, it uses Carabidae for the comparison. Then if you reload the page and choose the third Compare next to Nebria, it uses Nebria for the comparison.


If you choose the first Compare (Carabidae) and without reloading the page, choose the third Compare (Nebria), instead of using Nebria, it uses Carabidae.


I tinkered with a frog observation of mine: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/223443966
Click “compare” by the rabbit ID and you get the local rabbit species. Now close the compare pop up and go up to the frog ID and click “compare”. I get the same pop up window of the local rabbits again.

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Awesome, thanks @jwidness and @m_whitson. I’ll look into this more tomorrow. You can remove that ID, m_whitson.

Made a Github issue: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/4146

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Thank you.

Not sure if this is the same issue. See here:
Click on any Compare button, species Ruddy Darter is shown every time, when it is not mentioned in any Activity.

This has been fixed.

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