Observation fails to be added to project on upload

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website on Windows PC

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/87248577 [This is one example of an upload where this happened]

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Step 1: Upload new observation on PC

Step 2: In process of adding photograph, location etc, also add it to a project ‘Habitats (S Afr)’; done apparently successfully.

Step 3: Press upload, and get error message: ‘Some observations failed to be added to the projects. Habitats (SAfr) - 1 observation failed.’

This always happens when I try to add to this project when uploading on PC. I once succeeded on a second attempt to upload to a project. I have no problems uploading to this project when I am using the App on my iPhone.

As this project requires adding of observation field you need to wait a little bit to have it registered, then adding to the project.


That is done. The project shows as added, but on uploading the observation, I get a notice that the project addition failed.

Please describe what you do in detail, it still can be observation field issue, but usually it says it right after trying to add to the project, but maybe something else doesn’t fit, what the message says exactly?