Observation ID vs. ID in export

I had a somewhat similar follow-up… When exporting data for a project I curate, I noticed that data for the field “id” and the unique identifier in the provided URL do not match. So now, it seems there are 2 unique identifiers for each record, when ideally it should just be one (like a museum #). The “id” identifier does not appear to be accessible when viewing a record online, so it seems the URL one should be preferred…except that it is not exported as a separate field, just included with the full URL. Not ideal for data management and curation.

i don’t see what you’re describing. when i export observations from a test project, i can take any ID from the “id” column, and go to https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/[id], and i’ll get the correct observation. i also tried with Herps of Arkansas, and still no problem.

maybe if you think you still see a problem, it might help to diagnose the problem if you provide some screenshots of what you’re seeing from your side.

it’s worth noting that with the default export fields, there’s a photo URL column that shows up right after the observation URL column. so it’s possible you might be confusing the two fields.

AH, well it seems I somehow truncated the id field to be missing the first digit. I have no explanation for how that could have happened, but new export worked.