Observation limit for places

Hi there,
I have seen some similar posts in which other people adding a new place have received the following message “Place geometry contains too many observations to import, Place geometry can’t be blank”. Based on the responses, the places added would encompass an area over the 200k observation limit.

That does not seem to be the case for the place I am trying to add. I went and made a very similar shape in the Observations map to check and there would only be about 30-50k observations falling within the proposed place.

I have also already checked that there is no issue with my KML file (file size is 13 kb, it opens properly in ArcGIS and Google Earth). I’d appreciate some clarification if I am unable to make this new place because somehow the 200k observation limit is applying to my polygon or if there is some other issue. Thanks!

can you copy/paste the contents of the kml here?

Maybe it’s because of the temporary freeze on adding large places because of the City Nature Challenge? Temporary limitations on places and taxon changes April 24-May 6 - Curators - iNaturalist Community Forum


Ah thanks very much, that makes sense!