Is there a limit to the number of places you can add to a project?


I am helping someone to develop a new project to collate observations across a large number of discrete areas into one place. The ‘Restrict by Place’ functionality works well for this in the project and the description of it in the help files is great (see below). It states you can choose multiple places, however my question relates to whether there is an upper bound of the number of places you can choose. This person needs to create a project with about 120 places in it and I don’t want them to get part way there and then find that they are restricted at 50 or some number set within the system…

Many thanks for help in advance.


What is in the help file.
Place: Search for and select the iNaturalist Places that would include observations you want to have in your project. You can choose multiple places, and clicking on the place name in the pop-up menu will show you its boundary.

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Hi Steve!

I don’t know if there is an actual limit, but I think you will be very safe with just 120 places.

I would forge ahead, because even if you do encounter a limit you could start a second project, and a third, and then when you have them all in you could tie them together with an umbrella project. That of course being a worst case scenario, as I think any limit (if any at all) would be much higher than the 120 and you will likely only have the one project.

Out of interest, what are the relative sizes of each of the places?

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I made a project containing numerous polygons.
I then combined it into 1 x kml file.

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