New place error: geometry has too many observations

When trying to create a new place using a .kml file (at, I receive an error message (see screenshot below). I’m just adding in a new place, nothing fancy. It is a relatively large place, as its a hiking corridor about 100 miles long.

Is there a specific reason why I may be getting this error or any way for me to fix it? Thank you!


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The maximum number of observations a place can contain is 200,000. If your place has fewer than that, there is probably an issue with the kml. If you share the file, we can try to troubleshoot with you.


@grace_piselli thanks for sending the KML to help@iNat. It does look like it would contain too many observations, so I don’t think there’s any bug here. I’m going to move it to #general.

If you can explain a bit more about your intended project, I think we might be able to help you come up with ways you can accomplish your goals.


Awesome! Thank you for letting me know. The goal is to launch a biodiversity and plant phenology project along the New England National Scenic Trail, as part of the organization’s research and outreach efforts. We are intending to do something very similar to the Flowers and Fauna along the Appalachian Trail Corridor project.

Do you think narrowing the corridor might help? Or possibly segmenting it between states? Thank you for your help again!

Either of those might help, but with the latter (and maybe the former) you’d start to run in to the problem of observations with large accuracy circles (or obscured observations) not being picked up by the project due to this.

That project is a traditional project, and that’s what I’d suggest for your project, although it would mean more outreach and perhaps training. But you might get a cleaner dat set.

I believe the Appalachian Mountain Club did a lot of outreach for their project, you might reach out to them about it and see if they have advice.

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Ok thank you, I’ll definitely consider that drawback. I’m actually working in partnership with the Appalachian Mountain Club for this project so I’ll see if they have any tips or ideas. Thank you again, I’ll be sure to reach out if I have any more questions!

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