Observation Photos Fail to Load

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

URLs of any relevant observations or pages:

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:
At this point I can’t provide steps. @bridgetspencer alerted me to the problem, and I have so far only observed it on the two observations linked. I left the observations as they are for now, in case the information is useful to staff or anyone else who wants to look into it.

When you submit photos to iNat, we process the photos - strip them of metadata, reduce in size if necessary, create multiple versions, etc - and the “Processing…” image you see is used for when something there goes wrong. We don’t have records from back in May so there isn’t much we can do to determine what went wrong in this instance. If you still have the photos for this observation, I recommending deleting these Processing… images and uploading the actual photos to the observation

The “Processing…” image is an archaic relic that originated in an era when we actually did delay the processing part of image submission and we’d show “Processing…” when images had been uploaded and the processing work was being done before we could display the actual image on iNat. Now it’s not really necessary and it’s confusing because really what needs to happen is that the image needs to be submitted again. We’re working on making that happen so you’ll know immediately when something when wrong and you can upload the image again right then.


Same problem in a different media. My recent uploads from the App on my Android phone seems to be stuck on the bird. Has been “preparing” and “syncing” for the last 2 days. Checked the observations on the computer and it’s missing photos. Uploading: Screenshot_20211029-015512_iNaturalist.jpg…

Sadly they’re not going to be uploaded, readd those pictures and in Edit delete the blank ones.