Observation "Suggest an Identification" / Focus

A click on “Suggest an Identification” when you are viewing an observation should put the focus on the “Species name” control text box - Just as it does after pressing the key “I”.

Similar to this bug which was fixed.

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Please fill in all the details of the bug report, including platform, screenshots if you have them, etc.

I am on Chrome

Thanks. I don’t know whether this is a bug, or a potential Feature Request, but I would also like this feature to work.

It is not as important as the problem that was on the Identify page (which is where I do most of my IDs) and it is easier to use the keys anyway. I just noticed it and I remembered the previous bug so I thought I would check if this is also a problem?

Perhaps on the Observation pages there are complications with the computer vision?

This is working as designed, so not really a bug. Typing i suggests a specific action, whereas clicking on the tab loads new content, hence the different responses. One might disagree with that choice, but it’s intentional, so I’m going to close this bug report.