Observations do not update Cumulative ID after taxon split

I was looking at the genus Genus Stenopelmatus in California. There have been some revisions to the taxonomy and ID’s for that Genus were changed to Genus Ammopelmatus in North America via a taxon split 9 days ago.

I noticed 100+ observations where the actual cumulative ID after taxon split was Genus Ammopelmatus (no other ID other than the withdrawn IDs prior to the taxon split), but the observation still listed the old Genus as the cumulative ID.

These would show something like this Genus Stenopelmatus (Cumulative IDs 0 / 5):

After I ID’d one of these observations as Genus Ammopelmatus it would update.

Does the observation level ID not update after a taxon split?

I manually updated a few dozen to observe the behavior, but there are still 80+ like this.

Here is an image of the full observation page for one such example:


There were some fixes to taxon changes and reindexing observations since this bug report (whether or not that fixed this particular issue, I’m not sure). The observation you screenshotted (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/18642887) now looks OK:


Are you still seeing others with this issue?