Observations list, for lack of better phrase

Not sure if I’m just bungling, I used to easily get to a list of my observations, now it seems I am directed to this page:

Which I dislike. For one, it seems much more cumbersome, load time and navigation. Also, it seems to have a default to “Forests of North and South America”, which, oddly to me, leaves out the western US.

For the place issue, check your account settings, which likely has a default search place for Forests of North and South America set. You can remove the place there (also scroll to the bottom of the page and Save).

To change to list view, click List in the upper left of the map:

To view the old style, “batch edit” observations page, click Edit Observations in the upper right:


You are awesome. Thank you. I bet I selected Forests of North and South American long ago, assuming that meant, forests of n and s America and not just the east coast. Still seems odd. Or is there some definition that does not include the coniferous forests of the western US.

Thanks for the reminder to scroll down (about half a mile) to find the Save button.

Once upon a time, I worked in the Microsoft research division and got a better sense of what goes into software development. I realized that all the complainers about software problems do not realize that it is pretty amazing any of this stuff works at all.

I know I can’t imagine all it takes to create all this functionality and then have it work pretty well.

Thanks again for all you contribute.
Take care,


Made me laugh :) I think that page was last designed when there were a tenth of the number of settings for people to futz with. Redesigning it is on the developers’ to-do list.


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