Can't load map when trying to establish place of observation when uploading from browser

I’ve been trying to upload some observations. When I try to establish the place (no GPS metadata) the maps window pops up but it never gets to load. I have to look for observations registered previously in the same place in order to copy-paste the coordinates, but is really painful for several observations registered in different places. I’m using Chrome, been experiencing this for the last week.

Try loading in an incognito window. Incognito mode removes all blockers and extensions that might be preventing the map from loading. If that works, then it is probably a browser issue.

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Pretty sure this is a leftover from my cascade of failures last night. I just released yet another fix, so I think it should be fixed for you now, @roget. Can you confirm?


I am just amazed/dumfounded at how seemingly seamless it all works together 99.999999999999% of the time. Kudos to everyone.


Thank you, @kueda! Now is working correctly.