Observations Show Incorrect Time (Time Zone Error)

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Hi, this my first time posting here. I’m new to iNaturalist.
When I view my observations, they are by default in HST (Hawaii Standard Time), not PST (Pacific Standard Time) even though I am uploading and viewing the images from San Diego. This is for images where I am not manually annotating and I assume the program is reading the file’s metadata. To give an example, I took this picture a hawk at 4:52 PM PST, but in iNaturalist, it says that the photo was taken at 4:52 PM HST. The image was uploaded via the web interface in San Diego (PST). In Mac OS finder, the time is shown as 4:52 PM (I believe it’s adjusted to San Diego Time - I have auto-time enabled).

Step 1:
Upload image from San Diego (Not sure how to replicate).

Step 2:
View my observations page.

Step 3:

Hey, welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing your bug report with us! Hopefully someone will be able to help you soon.

The time zone displayed under Date Added normally changes when you change your account time zone, which leads me to believe your account might be set to HST.

Can you look in your account settings and report back?


There is also a lot of info on iNat time zones here, which may be relevant.

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HST is a default timezone for some reason, so without changing account setting it won’t change it to your actual zone.

Setting was set to HST

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