Offset Time - what is this for?

Working on uploading an observation on website just now and I see Offset Time below Fields. What is this for? I tried searching the forum for it but didn’t get any results.

It’s a new feature (with possibly some kinks to work out still) that allows you to easily change the time on your observations during upload.

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I can understand having to backtrack your time if you took the photo after your observed it. I do that all the time for things I take home to get better photos (usually mushrooms). Why on earth would you need to put your observation time after you photographed it? That doesn’t make sense to me …unless you are changing the time to disguise it in order to protect rare species. You may have have unobscured obs from such a near time that someone could figure out where you were.

It’s mainly designed for when your camera wasn’t set to the right time zone and you want to batch change your observations to the correct time (which could be forward or back). For example, maybe your camera was in standard time, but your observations were made during daylight saving time and all of them are off by an hour.


Oh! That makes sense. I might use that. I usually just leave it at the incorrect time if I forget to change for DST on my camera. However if during a trip I’m iNatting over a large area, I will use my phone to take quick shots periodically for the GPS data since my dSLR doesn’t have GPS. If the time on the observation photos is off an hour from the correct time on my phone, that will throw me off trying to get the location for my observations correct.

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