Old banner image for umbrella project is retained if replaced by new banner image with same file name

Website, Opera

  1. Create an umbrella project (my assumption is that this problem exists for traditional and standard collection projects too, but I haven’t tested it).
  2. Upload a PNG file as the banner image.
  3. Edit project and upload a new banner photo that has the exact same filename, e.g. ‘bannerimage.png’. The small preview within the edit screen shows that the new file has been uploaded successfully.
  4. Click save
  5. The banner image is still the old one.
  6. Go to computer and resave the new banner image file with a new filename
  7. Repeat steps 3-4
  8. Works as expected

I would expect the image to change even if the file name is the same

sounds like https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/cannot-change-project-icon/34003. you may need to just wait a while for the system to recognize the new image file. this seems to be the case for profile images, too, if i’m remembering correctly.