On observation detail page, show on the map any taxon selected


When I am about to submit an ID that is suggested by the AI, I can see in the dropdown list if this taxon has been “seen nearby”.

When I am about to submit an ID that is not suggested by the AI, I don’t know if this taxon has been seen nearby. (I have to zoom out in the observation page in order to figure out where the observation is, then I have to open the taxon page of the ID I am about to submit and to click on “View All”, then I have to explore the map in order to go to the observation location and see if observations of this taxon exist at a nearby location).

Feature request:

This feature request is about directly showing the observations of any taxon selected, on the map in the observation page.

This mockup illustrates a possible solution:

In the example above, clicking on the new button “Map” would update the map to show “Gymnocladus dioicus” observations instead of the “Family Fabaceae” observations.

In this example, I renounced to submit this ID for this observation because this taxon has not been observed at a nearby location, as seen in the taxon page (which took much more time to check than with this new feature):

Rather than leaving the observation and going to a taxon page, I tend to use the Compare tool for this:



He specifically wants it for the observation page, not Identify. I also use Compare in Identify to see range maps.
edit: unless I’m missing something…

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Here’s the compare tool on the observation detail page:

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Thanks a lot!

I think I got it, but no map is displayed, so that I cannot yet check how far are the closest observations of the taxon I selected.

One more click is needed:

Now I am able to see the map:

I would then suggest:

  • adding a shortcut to avoid many manual operations (time consuming) and the useless loading of 500 suggestions (resources consuming),
  • always displaying a map to enable the user to zoom out and see how far are the other observations.


I would have to do only 2 actions, and nothing unneeded would be processed by the server:

  • Click on “Compare” next to the taxon selected.
  • Zoom out, for checking the distance to the closest observations.

And one more click on the button “Done” to submit the ID, if I consider the comparison as successful.

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Note that it happens often in the AI suggestions that the correct suggestion is not marked as “seen nearby” even if there are many other observations of the same taxon at a “reasonable” distance.

So the initial request is not only for taxa not present in the AI suggestions.
It is also for taxa present in the AI suggestions without the mention “seen nearby”.

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