Open 'Needs ID' slice of project pie-chart in identify modal

Projects automatically generate a handy chart showing what fraction of their observations still need ID. Clicking on the yellow ‘Needs ID’ slice takes you to an “explore”-type view of those observations, for example.


In my opinion the link would be more useful if it went to the identify view of the same observations.

It’s pretty easy to get to an Identify page for any collection project (click on Observations, click on Identify), so I think this is good the way it is. Otherwise it would not be consistent with the RG and Casual sections of the chart. My two cents.


if you’re at the Explore page and want to open the Identify page with the same filters, you can either:

  • add “/identify” to the Explore page URL, just before the “?”, or
  • open the Filters menu, look for the Identify button in the bottom-right section of the menu, and click on that.
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I think it would be helpful. You could maybe make it an option for the owner or administrators, that you can choose to have it link to explore or identify page.

Another possibility–and I’m just spitballing here, because it’s Saturday morning and I haven’t even finished my first cuppa–is to change how we get from Observation to Identify entirely. This would not only solve @arboretum_amy’s request but make it easier (and more obvious to beginners) for anyone to switch.

Add Identify to the option buttons to change between Map/Grid/List views at the top of the page:

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 9.21.21 AM

Identify is really just another way of viewing observations, after all.

The only difficulty I see, off the top of my head, is that it probably would be a bit more complicated (on the programming end, which is not my thing) to modify the Identify view in a reciprocating manner. Which is not essential, but is desirable in keeping with my point about Identify being just another way of viewing.


I’m going to close this request as we won’t move forward with it.