Options to put multiple species or multiple sexes

My idea is to have the option to be able to post multiple species in a single observation given both of them are in the same photo. In my case, I have an observation of a jumping spider staring at a caterpillar and it’d be more convenient that I be able to put both species instead of splitting observations

Another case that if I were to photograph two species of different sexes, or if they were mating an option to show “pair” for example would be present

Site guidelines on this are clear, each observation is for a single organism, whether that means specific taxa or even multiple individuals of the same species. It is core to how all the data on the site has been defined. I don’t really see this changing, but if you wish to propose it, it would be better done as a feature request rather than general discussion.


You can do this by duplicating the observation, and adding the second species ID. The original photos are not duplicated, but are now associated with two identifications. For example: https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/159971864


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