Other users can see my recent additions, but i cannot see them on my profile

I am using inaturalist.com on a galaxy phone Other users can see my recent additions, but i cannot see the new additions myself. Im not sure if it because of my internet or galaxy phone, but sometimes the entire layout appears another way and then i can see the new additions i made. Most the time the layout is a basic mode and i cannot see any of my recent additions. Btw i added over 100 new additions in the last 24 hours or so…

Also it seems when i look at “my observations” link i see everything i have posted, but when i l
Click “edit observations” i cannot see my last observations.

welcome to the forum. Would you be able to post some screenshots to illustrate your issue, as that will help visualise the problem


those observations that you can see at the ‘your observations’ link are also at the ‘edit observations’ page, it’s just that they’re further down. This is because the default display order for the former is descending chronological order by date of upload, whilst the latter is displayed by order of observation. Note that your latest batch of uploads was observations made 2 months ago, which pre-date some of your other recent uploads (and thus those appear at the top for the edit page)


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