Params wrong when clicking on link from Year in Review page

When I select a link from the donut chart from my year in review( the resulting page isn’t correct. For example, on the identifications donut chart on the right I can click on Leading, Supporting, or Improving. Depending on what I click on, the URL will be different, but the page doesn’t have any results. Here is the URL for supporting:
and here it is for improving: https ://, but on both on them no data come up and it incorrectly (wrong user, wrong category) lists the params as:


  • taxon_id=1234
  • user_id=kueda
  • category=maverick
  • current=false|any Default: true
  • for=self|others|any Default: any

i think the listing of parameters that you’re noting are just the model parameters. regardless, i don’t see a problem right now. maybe it’s time to close this?

(just guessing, but maybe the problem you saw was similar to this: