Parentheses use is inconsistent and makes confirmation look like disagreement

Common name parentheses are not present in initial selection but are present in second ID. Seems to be treated as a new ID with Agree button and shift in “Leading” if clicked.

iNat paren use

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The Agree button is there regardless of whether the ID is the same as the one you already provided, see for previous discussion.
If you click the Agree button, it will withdraw your first ID and add another one for the same species at the bottom of the list of IDs. Since your ID would no longer be the first ID of that species, it would change from Improving to Supporting.

The fact that one has parentheses and the other doesn’t could be considered a bug, but may not get fixed until the notifications revamp.

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This is a bit odd because it’s switched if the observation is opened: parentheses in the observation taxon but not in the ID.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 9.39.18 AM

But I agree that this is not related to the Agree button, so I’m not sure how the parentheses make the ID look more like a disagreement than if the parentheses weren’t there.


Thanks for the quick response. Parentheses or not was only my guess about what was happening.

I was expecting the original submission to stay where it was in the list, unless the ID changed (became more specific, for example).

Not a big deal.

As a relatively new user of the site, I continue to be impressed with the work behind it. Excellent!

Thank you.


i think this is expected because the parentheses are used when both names are on the same line, but they are not necessary when the names are on separate lines.

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Yes that would make sense, although this isn’t the case on the dashboard (see first post photo). The observation ID is on the same line but has no parentheses.

i wasn’t commenting on what’s displayed in the dashboard. just on what you see when you open the observation.

Parens were added, so I’m going to mark this solved. Thanks @kueda!