Particular topic (under 18s photo contest) is redirected to an unrelated topic (unable to search by obs ID)

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Mac OSX 11.3.1 (probably irrelevant)

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This URL:

redirects to:

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Clicking the topic shown as “2021 photo competition (UNDER 18S ONLY)” ends up opening the topic named “Unable to search for photos by observation ID number when Editing Photos on Taxon Pages”.

A little poking around reveals that the linked URL is but the page that opens is

The problem can be reproduced most simply by pasting that first URL into the browser’s location bar. It will redirect to the second URL.


Huh… it happens when I copy/paste, but only sometimes when I click the link directly. Weird.
I made a screenshot video showing this, if useful.

The dashboard has issues linking to forum topics that have titles starting with a number, see and


I bumped into that last night as well.

Same issue using firefox on windows 10

It was previously suggested that this is a discourse bug, but it turns out that discourse considers URLs without the topic ID to be incomplete and they don’t intend to “fix” the problem.

A fix on the iNat side would require a change to this line, which currently only uses the topic slug.

Yes it happened to me too. I clicked the topic after entering forum and then only I got it.

I noticed it last night as well. Firefox on Windows 10.

Worth going through the Latest Topics dashboard to get to the link. The kids are alright.