Unable to search for photos by observation ID number when Editing Photos on Taxon Pages

In the past, if I see an observation I like and believe it would be a good taxon photo, I would manually search for the photo by it’s ID number (for example, if I wanted to update the taxon photo for the North American porcupine with this specific observation photo, I would search for “17572973”). However, doing so now generates no results, and it’s very frustrating since this is primarily how I set default photos on taxon pages. What’s going on here?


To be clear, the porcupine was just an example, and is not an isolated instance. This problem occurs on all taxa pages, and I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Observation photos are now listed by the number of favs in the “Choose photos for this taxon” browser. There may have been some sort of unforeseen oversight that makes individual observations no longer searchable.

I also had this problem when trying to change a photo yesterday.

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The taxon page photo selector was previously using a very slow database query, and this was causing performance problems for other parts of the site. Earlier this week we updated the photo selector to use a more performant API query, and in doing so accidentally dropped the search by observation ID feature. We deployed a fix last night, so hopefully everything working as expected again, just hopefully a bit faster.