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Step 1: Lists are not current but I thought when they were created years ago that they were all “dynamic lists” that update automatically

Step 2: How do I get them to update?

Step 3:

No list other than old life list would update, old life list is buggy and is not likely to get all your species (that’s why there’s a new one). All your other lists are not linked to any place in the system, they’re strictly manually changed.

this may be worth reading:

(Moved this out of the Bug Reports category since it is more of a question.)

Which leaves the question: why is there still the old one?

Some people update them I guess, maybe for new users it shouldn’t be a default setting, I spent time a lot on it before the new one arrived, now it’s easier to make a list for things with no records and everything else is done through the new list.

so it sounds like it isn’t a bug, just that that functionality was deleted from the site even though the lists still exist? So what is a link to, or description of, how I create my own life lists again?
For example, I want a life list for my research site (The Royal Hills farm), and I keep lists of various families such as Leps or Bees of Louisiana, or click beetles that I have observed.
Can someone show me how and then I can just delete the old ones?

It seems like most of the features you want are built into Explore, for example, here is a list of click beetles you have observed:

By using the species view, you can search particular taxa and places to get lists of species. Are there are features of lists that you’re looking for beyond what’s in Explore?

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you can filter your own dynamic life list by place:

if you’re not already aware, you have two versions of this place. it looks like one of these is probably badly defined and unused, and it can probably be deleted.

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thanks. I guess Exploreis what I have to use. I stay so busy adding observations and keying them out, that I didn’t realize two years ago my lists became obsolete. It was a very handy tool to keep track of stuff, but I guess from what I read it was bogging down the site. I played around with Explore today and it will do most of what I need after a few keystrokes, so It’s more trouble but adequate for my needs.

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