Photo from someone else in my record


I just looked at a record of mine of a Pika, and there was a photo of a grass (not mine) replacing one of my 3 pictures: It happened right after I slightly revised the text in the record but changed nothing else.

Maybe it’s a temporary glitch and will correct itself, but how does that even happen?

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We’re investigating.


it’s a sedge not a grass :)


Thanks, you’re right of course, but still not my pic and shouldn’t be there. It actually didn’t replace one of my photos, it was added as the last photo while my 2nd photo disappeared.


sorry, that was just mean to be a silly comment. That is a REALLY weird bug


Maybe there’s now a photo of a Pika in a sedge record somewhere.

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Update: we think the issue, in a simplified explanation, is that the photo you added has the same ID number as a photo from EoL, so we’re working on a fix.


This shoud be fixed now, @jnstuart, sorry that bug hit you. Many thanks to our dev team for working on this.

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Many thanks. The only difference is two of my 3 photos in that record are now reversed in order, but that’s no big deal … I just changed the reference to one photo in my caption. Very strange bug.

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You can reorder photos on the web version- in the Edit page in the lower right there’s a link for it- sort of out of the way so hard to notice.

There’s also a way to shuffle them in the app (at least Android that I use) by toggling various photos as “first” until they line up how you like.

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