Photos duplicated when using crop tool in app

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number , if mobile app issue (shown under Settings): 1.19.2 (424)

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of the issue
When using the in-app crop tool, photos are duplicated after cropping. This only appears to affect the 2nd photograph in the line-up, regardless of how many photos are added.

Step 1: In Android app, add photos to an observation

Step 2: Use the inbuilt crop tool to crop (I usually crop to 1:1)

Step 3: After cropping all images and going back to the main screen, it appears the second image is duplicated (uncropped). I have not seen if this is preserved if you publish it as is, as I usually notice and delete the extra uncropped image.


I cannot reproduce it and when it happened i always presumed i pressed the ‘copy image button’ by accident.

The same thing happens for me.
I also usually do the 1:1 crop and noticed that it is usually (always?) the second photo that gets duplicated.


That will do the trick?

1.18.15 (build 421)
Try to send logs

I can reproduce it when I delete a photo from this observation in the android app

If I try to update the observation with 6 extra photos of the Mallard (?) these photos are not added to the observation. The error suggests this feature is related to the option that a sighting cannot have more then 20 photos. In the app the observation has in the end 15 photos.

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Filed a bug report for this:

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