Photos from flickr that are incorrectly identified?

Hi, I was looking at the page for Cyphoderus similis, and noticed that the featured photos for it appear to be for 2 different, other species. They are photos imported from flickr that have been associated with the wrong species. I don’t see any way to provide an alternate ID for these flickr imports. What’s the best way to resolve this? Flag the photo as “other” category and provide a description of why I think it’s incorrect?

See, e.g. - per the flickr post, it should be Cyphoderus albinus - it was IDd by an expert on the flickr comment thread as Sinella cf. termitum

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I would do this. I’ve changed the featured photos for taxa multiple times for this reason and was alerted to do so via a flag I saw.


Yeah, I think I can change the featured photo myself, but how do I get the incorrect photos associated with the correct species?

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I’d check RG observations.

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I’m not sure I follow…

My question is how to recategorize the photos from flickr as the correct species :)

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Just remove the photo from among the featured photos. Cyphoderus albinus, the species in the flickr photo, already has good featured photos. No need to link it back to the correct iNat species. Personally, I prefer to not have flickr photos among the featured photos if iNat photos are available.


I think I was the one who did not follow. So, you mean you’re trying to associate these two pictures with their actual IDs’ taxa pages. I might not have a perfect recall of how to do that without actually going and trying to do it, but I think you can just edit the pictures on the taxon’s page and search on Flickr for those pictures and select them.

Please add a vote for this feature request, to make it easier to find and correct these errors. Thank you for noticing!


In addition to the above comments, can I also suggest going onto Flickr and messaging the owner of the photo that it has been misidentified. Hopefully it is still a live account and the owner can put the record right.


It appears to be named correctly on flickr–the name is different at least

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Ah, I think maybe I was misunderstanding how the link between photo and taxa work for these flickr imports. I was thinking of them more like an observation, where the photo is associated with the species, even if the photo isn’t a featured photo for the species.

But it sounds the association between photo and taxa is based on it being a featured photo for that taxa. In other words, once the photo is removed as a featured photo, there is no longer any link between the photo and that taxa. Does that sound right?


Yeah, that looks to be correct. I removed as a featured photo from the 2 higher taxons it was also incorrectly associated with, and that photo does not appear to be linked with those taxons any longer.

So yeah, I just wasn’t initially understanding how the link between a flickr import and taxon works. Thanks everyone!


iNat initially imported photos from Flickr (better than nothing)
But I also prefer the photos to be from Research Grade obs if available.
I hammer taxon photos into shape if they are not helpful.


It does.

Unfortunately, misidentifications from flickr are a big problem on various forums and portals.

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Is it even possible to import images from flickr anymore? I’ve had no success trying to do so for around a year or more at least.

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