Photos not showing and cannot upload photos for new observation

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.4

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Photos of observations since Aug. 5 not showing, cannot upload photos for new observation, and when uploading new observations “suggested taxa” photos not showing

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The one observation I could ID from the screenshots works for me (can see photo which is a cool one!).

My guess is that this is some type of browser issue or perhaps a plugin problem. You could try using a different browser, or disabling plugins in Chrome. You can do this quickly by using private/incognito mode which disables extensions.


Yes, I can also see all of the photos on your page, I suspect it’s a local problem.

Are you able to load this? Try loading it on both wifi and mobile data and see if it works on either one. And definitely see if turning off extensions in your browser changes things.

This afternoon I just had the same issue, photos are not showing except when they have Full copyright, all other licenses are not showing.
I tried different browsers and issue persistent. This happens when I use my home WiFi both on cellphone and website, when I switch to cellphone data, all is ok.
Tried erase cookies, cache, and several other recommendations.
Still have the issue.

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After discussing this with @aztekium a bit more it seems to be an issue with perhaps one internet service provider in Mexico. For some reason they’re not accessing images on iNat with a Creative Commons license. Those images stored in Amazon’s Open Data set, which is different from where all rights reseved photos are stored. I’m not sure if there’s much we can do about it on our end, unfortunately, but I’ll see if we can take a closer look tomorrow. Consdering we haven’t had more complaints about this, I dont think it’s a widespread issue on iNat’s end or we’d be bombarded by emails.

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Hello, I just changed my DNS from Telmex to Google.
And now is working nicely
Here is a how toá%20otra%20ventana%20donde,Servidor%20DNS%20alternativo%3A%


Thanks @Aztekium! I’m going to close this bug report.

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