Photos on the taxon page reflect inactive subtaxon

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The photos shown at te Rosa caesia taxon page there are taken from observations that used to be ID’d as Rosa caesia ssp. glauca. However, this subspecies is no longer active and the ID’s were automatically changed to Rosa dumalis. However, the photos are still shown under Rosa caesia.

The photos are actually very unfortunate to show the true Rosa caesia which, as the name suggests, should be grey because it is usually very hairy, no just a few hairs. However, the shown photos, which really are R. dumalis or subcanina, are completely hairless.

The subspecies as used on Inaturalist for dog roses are really dubious and inconsistent with the rest of the species taken from POWO. Althought the taxonomy is inconsistent across Europe, it is still at least somehow consistent in individual monographs or countries. Rosa dumalis var. coriifolia should likely really just be a synonym or Rosa caesia and Rosa dumalis var. dumalis simply Rosa dumalis, unless there is some very specific reason to accept other taxonomy, but then it should be done consistently.

I’ve removed the photos. If you’re positive something is identified as the incorrect taxon, you’re actually able to correct it yourself. On the taxon page, if you click on “Curation” and then on “Edit photos,” you should be able to remove the photo and then add a correctly identified photo if one is available.


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