Place contains species from other areas

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing:
You can see some of them for yourselves: (observation that added the species is way out of the area) (added because of range, but place is outside of range. This happens to multiple species)

Description of problem:
As noted above, some species are in the list because of their range, although the place is outside.

I refreshed Phrygilus punensis and now no observations of it are shown as being in Callao. Not sure what happened there, but checklists are known to be buggy, we’re working in a revamp of them.

As for Geospizopsis unicolor, I don’t think that’s a bug, but likely something erroneous in range data, but I can’t be sure.

Can’t wait for the updates, this feature has so much potential!

To note, these are only two examples, it happened with a bunch of birds species, probably other taxa too.