Placeholder "creeper" should not automatically add an identification of Strophitus undulatus

Plant enthusiasts, with an unknown plant, often put in a placeholder like “tree” or “bulb” or “succulent”.

Unfortunately, if one does this with “creeper” then iNaturalist - after accepting the placeholder, and during the save process - replaces the ‘placeholder’ with the species “Creeper”, which is

Any chance that this ‘creeping’ bug can be sorted. Not a high priority: only a few instances seem to occur per month, but users appear not to notice it and the plants get filed under molluscs, and the marine people dont seem to work much with the genus either.


Not really a bug, I guess, but annoying. It also happens for some geographic tags, such as California, Tanzania, and, as I just found out, Sinaloa and Mexico. We have a list of tags we don’t automatically convert into taxa, so I’ll see if this can be added, although in this case it sounds like a placeholder and not a tag.

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I’ll add “creeper” to the list of names" we don’t automatically associate with a single taxon.